Pickup Winder Kit

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Do you dream of repairing or designing your own guitar pickups, bass pickups, cigar box pickups or any other stringed instrument without spending a lot of money on an expensive winder?

Build it yourself with our Jaha Guitars Complete Pickup Winder Kit.

This winder kit is easy to assemble. It does require some basic tools such as a Phillips screwdriver, a small flathead screwdriver, a set of allen keys, Super Glue, a good wood glue (we recommend the original Titebond glue), some small clamps (optional), a soldering iron and tin wire.

The kit includes:

- A case, microphone holder and wire guide arm (Plexi or MDF depending on the components)

- A coil mounting axle

- A motor

- A power supply

- A variable speed drive

- An On/On switch

- A revolution counter

- A sensor

- A Neodymium magnet

- M5 and M3 self-tapping inserts

- A mains cable

- All the electric wires necessary for the connection of the various elements

- All the necessary screws and bolts for the assembly

- A wire guide axis

- Two travel stops for the wire guide

- An assembly guide in English or French (PDF)

With a compact and well thought-out design, this winder can be mounted in right or left-handed mode and only requires a corner of the table to wind your pickups.

Easy to use, this winder can accommodate humbucker and single coil pickups up to 9 strings.

The speed is about 1000 rpm at full speed clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW).

The tachometer allows you to precisely control the number of turns of your coil and can be reset with the Reset button.

DIY kit to assemble yourself.

Attention, the warranty is only valid on the unassembled kit.